RV Repair / Campsite Maintenance


RV Doctor  204-771-4748- Mike

Minor Repair/Service
Corey Maynard   204-347-5965 (St. Malo)


Laurie Woodward 204-392-8116

Tyler Winter 204-588-8488


Call Claude @ 204- 746-5926 if you’d like to add washed stone to your campsite.

Septic Service 204-392-5608 Doug



Please refer to Policy #7.  Wild vegetation (weeds/grass) growing within a graveled campsite including driveways must be destroyed (NOT CUT).

Cutting does not kill the vegetation.  Because of regrowth, regular maintenance is strongly recommended to keep weeds under control.

You can take care of your own weeds on your site or we can take care of them for you.  The cost for us to spray your site with Roundup is around $35-$70, depending on the time it takes, thus covered area, obstacles to go around and how intense the weeds are.

A second or more application per season is often necessary.

Email debonair@mts.net or call 204-347-5336 to be put on the spray list.